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Workshop “Building the Euroweb online platform for textiles and clothing terminologies”


Building the Euroweb online platform for textiles and clothing terminologies

Organised by Susanne Lervad, Louise Quillien and Joana Sequeira

9th May 2022
Seminar Room 1 – Max Weber Building, Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Mondes, 21 allée de l’Université, 92000 Nanterre and by zoom (CET)

10h00 : welcoming of the participants on site

10h30-12h30 : morning Zoom session
Zoom link :
ID: 999 2315 8505 / Code: DcU2Hs

10h30 – 11h00 : Define the scope of the project
* Which public ?
* What are the ambitions of this project and what limits ?
* Gathering a team of contributors

11h00 – 12h00 : Define the objectives of the platform
* Sharing ressources (links to websites, bibliographies)
* Publishing corpus of terminologies : ancient/modern, diachronic/synchronic, both ?
* Spreading news about WG3 scientific events, recent publications related to terminologies, reading notes…
* Promoting the WG3 members : list of contributors, credits
* Provide links to the Atlas and Euroweb Website

12h00 – 12h30 : Presentation of the possibilities offered by an Hypothèses website
* Presentation of this type of website
* Website identity : url, title, main picture
* Global architecture

12h30 – 14h00 : Lunch break

14h00 – 16h00 : input of test data (only on site)

16h00-17h30 : afternoon Zoom session
Zoom link :
ID: 994 7524 8956 / Code: xB34ru

16h00 – 17h00 : results of the test
* Presentation of the work done during the test session
* Feedback and improvements by the online participants

17h00 -17h30 : Strategies for feeding the website during the grant period 2022

Full programme can be downloaded here.