Europe through Textiles

EuroWeb Europe through Textiles: Network for an integrated and interdisciplinary Humanities (COST Action CA 19131) aims at formulating a new vision of European history based on textiles: their massive production, trade, symbolic meanings, consumption, and reuse.


A Pan-European Network

EuroWeb fosters a pan-European network of scholars and stakeholders from academia, museums, conservation, cultural and creative industries. Scholars from several disciplines of the Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences join forces to bridge current cultural, political, and geographical gaps and facilitate interdisciplinary research leading to inspirational material for experts in the allied and applied disciplines of fashion, art and design. The scholarly vision is to re-write European history based on its massive production, trade, consumption and reuse of textiles and dress.


A Platform for Collaboration

EuroWeb enables collaborations between researchers, engineers, scholars and other stakeholders and business by providing a platform for them to collaborate, co-create projects and training schools, and foster trust and shared ideas. Deliverables include collaborative publications, research workshops, theoretical reflection and advancement, digital infrastructure, the EuroWeb Digital Atlas of European Textile Heritage, films and podcasts, and intense mentoring, training, and career development for Early Career Investigators.


Programme Now Available: What’s in a name? Toponyms and loan words as textile labels across time. An EuroWeb seminar

The Programme is now available for the EuroWeb Seminar "What’s in a name? Toponyms and loan words as textile labels across time", an initiative of EuroWeb's Working Group 3 - Textile Terminologies, to be held in Braga, PT.

Training School on the Analysis, First Aid and Documentation of Excavated Textiles – Call for Applications

The Call for Applicants is now open for a new Training School at the Centre for Textile Research in Copenhagen next August.

EuroWeb Book Corner – Textiles in Ancient Mediterranean Iconography

For the fifth edition of the EuroWeb "Book Corner", we are happy to invite Susanna Harris, Cecilie Brøns & Marta Żuchowska to present their edited volume "Textiles in Ancient Mediterranean Iconography" (Oxbow, 2022).