Concluding EuroWeb Conference “After EuroWeb. Expanding Horizons in Textile Studies and European Networking” – Programme and Book of Abstracts now available!

After EuroWeb: Expanding Horizons in Textile Studies and European Networking

Concluding Conference for COST Action “EuroWeb – Europe through Textiles (CA19131) 

Warsaw, 20th-21st of May 2024


The Organising Team:

Agata Ulanowska (PL)
Karina Grömer (AT)
Marie-Louise Nosch (DK)
Christina Margariti (EL)
Magdalena Woźniak (PL)
Louise Quillien (FR)
Francesco Meo (IT)
Francisco B. Gomes (PT)
Riina Rammo (EE)
Cécile Michel (FR)
Hana Lukesova (NO)
Catarina Costeira (PT)
Alina Iancu (RO)

With the assistance of Marcin Wagner, Iwona Zielińska and Katarzyna Żebrowska (all PL)

Grant Holder and Local Organiser:

University of Warsaw
Faculty of Archaeology, University of Warsaw

Co-organising Institutions:

Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw
University of Warsaw Museum

Supporting Institutions:

National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw
National Museum in Warsaw



Monday, 20th of May

08:30-09:00 – Registration

Session 1

09:00-09:30 – Welcome from the organisers and the authorities of the Faculty of Archaeology and University of Warsaw

09:30-09:50 – Agata Ulanowska

After EuroWeb: action chair’s personal reflections on EuroWeb achievements and future

09:50-10:10 – Christina Margariti, Tina Chanialaki, Maria-Emmanuela Alberti and Agata Ulanowska

Working Group 1 Textile Technologies: an overview of the actions and future perspectives

10:10-10:30 – Magdalena Woźniak, Paula Nabais and Cecilie Brøns

Working Group 2 Clothing Identities: Gender, Age and Status. Summary and future perspectives

10:30-10:50 – Discussion

10:50-11:10 – Coffee Break

Session 2

11:10-11:30 – Louise Quillien, Susanne Lervad and Joana Sequeira

The EuroWeb collaborative research on textiles and clothing terminologies: results and further prospects

11:30-11:50 – Dimitra Andrianou, Elena Miramontes and Louise Quillien

Textile terminologies in Antiquity: the terminology of soft furnishings as a case study for the development of a comparative approach

11:50-12:10 – Amine Haj Taieb

Innovative methodologies and interdisciplinary approaches for preserving textile heritage in North Africa

12:10-12:30 – Catarina Costeira, Paula Nabais, Joana Sequeira and Francisco B. Gomes

Textile heritage research in Portugal: assessing the impact and legacy of EuroWeb in a COSTITC Country

12:30-12:50 – Discussion

12:50-14:30 – Lunch Break

Session 3

14:30-14:50 – Natalia Ortega Saez and Judith Goris

Sharing current and future perspectives for textile conservation studies and material technical research in Belgium

14:50-15:10 – Eglė Kumpikaitė and Daiva Milašienė

EuroWeb echoes in Kaunas University of Technology Research

15:10-15:30 – Karina Grömer, Kayleigh Saunderson and Elisabeth Trinkl

Scientific networking and science communication – Reflections on EuroWeb activities of the Austrian team

15:30-15:50 – Francesco Giaquinto, Francesco Meo, Gianluca Tagliamonte and Tiziana Zappatore

From theory to practice: towards the creation of new brands based on ancient textile production

15:50-16:10 – Discussion

16:10-16:30 – Coffee Break

Session 4

16:30-16:50 – Emanuela Alberti

From experimental to public archaeology following the Minoan loom-weights

16:50-17:10 – Irina Petroviciu

Understanding the present as tool to shape the future. Online survey on national textile networks in EuroWeb countries

17:10-17:30 – Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka, Karl Innemée, Magdalena Woźniak, Dorota Roqueplo, Katarzyna Schmidt-Przewoźna and Dobrochna Zielińska

How does it feel to be dressed in Authority? Reconstructing Nubian official costumes

17:30-17:50 – Alina Iancu, Catarina Costeira and Francisco B. Gomes

The Digital Atlas of European Textile Heritage: origins, development and challenges after EuroWeb

17:50-18:10 – Francisco B. Gomes

Envisioning the legacy of EuroWeb: thoughts on possible paths forward

18:10-18:30 – Discussion

19:00-21:00 – Reception

Tuesday, 21st of May

10:00-12:00 – “After EuroWeb” table ronde

12:00-13:45 – Lunch Break

14:00 – Guided tour to the National Ethnographic Museum

16:30-18:00 – MC Meeting in the Ball Room of the Tyszkiewicz-Potocki Palace

18:30 – Guided tour to the Central Campus of the University of Warsaw


Full Programme and Book of Abstracts available EuroWeb conference_programme and BofA.